“Male-privilege is a man respecting ‘I have a boyfriend’ more than ‘I am not interested.'”

Among young feminists in America there has been a major contention of “male privilege.” What they mean by this is that men have things easier in life by virtue of the fact that they are men. Well, strangely enough that’s not true. Nonetheless these girls (ooh, sorry, GRRRL) believe men have an innate privilege. They […]

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The Curious Case of Norah Vincent

Norah Vincent was your average left wing, feminist, lesbian, mid-thirties professional woman—until she decided to become a man. No, I don’t mean she got a sex change. But she did decide to go undercover as a man for 18 months. Specifically as Ned Vincent. In her 2006 20/20 Interview and book Norah revealed what it […]

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Welcome to HQ Atlanta. We are a website for men, by men, to be men. We want to be men. Being a man is a good thing. Being a woman is a good thing too, but we are men and we won’t be cowed into being ashamed of that fundamental fact. I hope to create […]

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