Welcome to HQ Atlanta. We are a website for men, by men, to be men. We want to be men. Being a man is a good thing. Being a woman is a good thing too, but we are men and we won’t be cowed into being ashamed of that fundamental fact.

I hope to create a male-only city club in the Atlanta area. My goal in this is to help men feel more comfortable being men in a society increasingly marginalizing men.

In September 2011 there was a debate called “Are Men Finished?” It was hosted by Intelligence Squared Debates and featured an always-on queue Christina Hoff Summers of the American Enterprise Institute, a very immature and factually lacking David Zinczenko of Men’s Health Magazine representing the “Men are not finished” side. Opposing were a knowledgeable Hanna Rosin of Slate and The Atlantic, and a “Yes Man” Dan Abrams of ABC News.

The conclusion of the debate was that men are “finished” meaning they are no longer necessary for a smooth functioning society. Women, they say, can do all the things men can do. They can raise children on their own. They can hold any job a man can hold. They can even out compete men physically (a claim poorly defended). So on and so forth.

None of this is true, which I plan on demonstrating over the next couple dozen posts.

Men are not only necessary, but true manliness has never been more necessary.

We are necessary for child rearing. We are indispensible in the work force. Manly qualities are still desired by women—and always will be. And it is my contention that a society that despises manly qualities will die.

Come to HQ Atlanta. Learn. Play. Enjoy. But, be a man.

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