What is HQ Atlanta all about?

What am I doing here? Why am I writing these articles that in many cases go strongly against mainstream culture? Am I just a bigot, anti-feminist, misogynist, cis-scum, hetero-scum privileged male? Well, no. I am here to help take dominion. That’s the term I use and prefer. “Dominion” comes from the Latin “dominus” meaning “lord.” […]

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What is it to be a man?

Recently I wrote an article about the farce that is Bruce Jenner’s sex change. Not only has he not changed his gender, but also the outcry of public support and media attention that has gone towards him is sickening. Let’s not forget that this man killed another human being not long ago, but is now […]

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No, Bruce is still a man.

No, Bruce is still a man. Ever since the advent of existentialism as a philosophy the mantra “existence precedes essence” has been used to support rabid ontological individualism. The interpretation of self has become the pinnacle of life’s purpose. The problem in that is that it doesn’t make sense. If we, as finite beings, define […]

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Single Fathers?

I believe the best family is the nuclear family. I understand that tragedies happen: a parent dies, one of the parents is unfit, even nuclear families can be dysfunctional. Yet, statistics bear that despite the cultural attack on the nuclear family it is clearly the superior family. I believe that while a mother is very […]

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