Single Fathers?

I believe the best family is the nuclear family. I understand that tragedies happen: a parent dies, one of the parents is unfit, even nuclear families can be dysfunctional. Yet, statistics bear that despite the cultural attack on the nuclear family it is clearly the superior family. I believe that while a mother is very much necessary to a smooth functioning household that it is actually our fathers who make the family strong.

I know this sounds odd. Family courts have for decades now assumed that the mother was the necessary parent, and the father only needed to exist for financial support. However, the statistics for single mothers are appalling. They have much higher rates of prison, crime, drugs, underage and unwed pregnancy, and much lower rates of high school graduation, college acceptance, lifetime income, and so on. Without the presence of the biological fathers a child’s likelihood of suffering a variety of abuses increases dramatically. That is not even to mention the traits that are a little less tangible like impulse control, which correlate strongly to lifetime achievement, but also promiscuity, sexual confusion, and behavioral disorders.

While single fathers are a relatively new phenomena they aren’t quite as bad on these more tangible statistics. But they also do not perform anywhere near as well as nuclear families. Additionally, single father families tend to be a little less emotionally close.

Let’s be honest, we all know what’s going on. Single mothers are loving, but often indulgent, and have trouble exercising control over their kids, especially teenage boys. But, just so I’m not sexist even teenage daughters are not immune. Elektra Complexes (“daddy issues”/slutty for the layman) are much more prominent in girls raised by single mothers.

Single fathers on the other hand, less common though they are, are probably not insufficiently strict. If they are anything they are probably aloof with their children. Strangely, though, with mothers present in the nuclear family the emotional closeness to the father is stronger than the closeness with the mother. Obviously there are significant and frequent exceptions, but the trend is strong enough that is makes almost every after-school special.

What it comes down to is this: husbands, even today, tend to be the sterner disciplinarians in the house. No kid dreaded hearing these words more, “you just wait until your father gets home.” It’s not as if mom slacks; moms do not slack. But who is more likely to give you cookies, versus who is going to make you eat your vegetables. Dad, dad, dad. My mom sure made me eat vegetables, but dad forced an extra helping down. Ugh.

Why is this important? Am I just a misogynist who hates women? Well I’m sure that’s what Hillary Clinton and her voters would say. That’s probably why we have more single parents, and especially moms, every year. Add to that less impulse control and an entitlement attitude that is so common among the millennials and you see the degeneration. Soon we’ll be in Sweden where you must negotiate with your child, not restrain or even physically hinder them, if you don’t want them to go get drunk and/or high at a party. It is getting worse every year.

Families need fathers. They need men. Not just so the boys learn to be men, but so that the girls choose men instead of boys (read ‘douche bags’: see below). Otherwise your daughters are going to be stuck with a 28 year-old adultolescents who play X-Box 5 hours a day after their going-nowhere jobs, living in the apartment they share with two other guys until they are thirty.

I reiterate the nuclear family is superior. I am not claiming that single fatherhood is good. I am not even claiming it is objectively superior to single motherhood. What I am saying is that, contrary to popular opinion, fathers are not replaceable. And it is fathers and mothers together (even if the researchers here can’t admit it) that make the family, not only the lack of single-parentness. The dichotomy is necessary.

Being a good husband and father is step A Number One to reversing this awful trend. Want good things for your kids? Be a good dad, and a better husband. We at HQ Atlanta are here to help you.

Reject society, pick-up your masculinity, and follow me.


But, daddy, I love him!

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