No, Bruce is still a man.

No, Bruce is still a man.

Ever since the advent of existentialism as a philosophy the mantra “existence precedes essence” has been used to support rabid ontological individualism. The interpretation of self has become the pinnacle of life’s purpose. The problem in that is that it doesn’t make sense. If we, as finite beings, define our own purpose then we really don’t have any.

Because of this failure existentialism is no longer highly regarded in philosophical circles. It was too depressing and incapable of accounting for either truth or purpose, since man defines both. However, the basic mantra was never repented of. Instead it was intensified in transcendentalism (hippies), and eventually post-modernism, the current stupidity in which we find ourselves. Philosopher Richard Rorty defined post-modernism as “truth/right is what your contemporaries let you get away with.”

Everyone seems to think that’s a fine definition if the question in mind is sex, drugs, hedonism, or academia. When it comes to war or murder they suddenly revert to objective moral agents. That will change if post-modernism continues.

This sort of philosophy, which is the main philosophy in both universities and all forms of philosophical communication (TV, movies, radio, theatre, books, etc.), leaves no room for truth, definitions, or distinctions. There is no right and wrong. There is no man or woman. There is no logic or illogic. There is nothing except whatever “truth” you claim for yourself.

I once asked a guy who believed this how he could condemn moral atrocities like Hitler, or child rape. His answer was “I can’t.” At least he was being honest. Most guys I corner with that question fumble around and say something like “well it’s wrong for me, but maybe not everywhere.” Amazingly, he didn’t even feel the right to claim sexual exclusivity from his wife despite saying it was wrong for him to cheat on her. Yet, he was upset when she cheated on him.

Well, right is right and wrong is wrong. And perverted though it is we all have a moral sense.

So how does this apply to a most recent situation of Bruce Jenner, the former Olympic Champion, who at the age of 65 has decided to become a woman named Caitlyn? Recently a picture was released of Bruce dressed as a playboy bunny. My God! That family and Photoshop. Ugh.

Is Bruce a woman? No, and I will tell you why.

How do we define masculinity? Is it some arbitrary self-definition connected with how we feel? No, because if we do define something so fundamental to human existence like personhood, logic, self, and so on and so forth by arbitrary self-definitions then they mean nothing. And then nothing means anything. Now, you could believe that, but then you wouldn’t have the ability to prove it, and would be a hypocrite to do so. I, however, who believes in fundamental, objective, ontological definitions can logically and consistently say persons are human beings, gender is male and female (with very minor, obvious and non-formative exceptions), purpose is ontological, logic is deductive/inductive, and self is personality.

Truth exists, gender exists, and distinctions exist. And they are all objective.

So what is maleness? Is it whatever you feel like it is? No. It is genetic/physiological maleness. But maybe you don’t always feel like a man? That’s OK. I don’t either. I feel overwhelmed by a scary world; I feel overpowered by situations I can’t control; I feel like a child; I feel incapable. I don’t always want to be a husband and father. But I am. Just because I don’t feel like something doesn’t mean I can whelch on my duties and arbitrarily redefine myself.

I am a man because God made me a man. I can stand up and be one, or I can rebel. Bruce is a man.

Amazingly, it was only 10 years ago when that great show of political satire, South Park, lambasted the concepts of self-defined gender in the episode “Mr. Garrison’s Fancy New Vagina.” (March 9, 2005). In less than 10 years South Park, no bastion of ‘traditional Christian bigotry’ or whatever, went from clearly stating that gender was something in born, to culture saying, “gender is what you think it is.” The speed is not only mind-boggling, but clearly part of the ever-changing stupidity of the denial of knowledge that is post-modernism.

Well, gender is not arbitrary. Bruce was, is, and always will be a man. He is not brave. He is crazy. He is not a woman; he is just a mutilated man. The desire to change gender is indicative of problems much deeper than physiological, regardless of what some transcendentalist gender-expert activist says. It’s one of the reasons John’s Hopkins University, who pioneered gender-reassignement, stopped doing so—it did nothing to prevent the suicides the surgery was meant to prevent.

If you are a man, then you are a man. You need to be a man. Maybe that’s tough. I sure think it is. But there’s help. We at HQ Atlanta want to help you be a man. A good man. A better man.

I’ll write more on what maleness is later, but so far it is important to say it exists and is rooted in something objective, tangible, and in born.

Reject culture, pick up your masculinity, and follow me.

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