What is HQ Atlanta all about?

What am I doing here? Why am I writing these articles that in many cases go strongly against mainstream culture? Am I just a bigot, anti-feminist, misogynist, cis-scum, hetero-scum privileged male?

Well, no. I am here to help take dominion. That’s the term I use and prefer. “Dominion” comes from the Latin “dominus” meaning “lord.” So to take “dominion” is to rule. I am helping to rule over a vast, unconquered world that seeks to conquer me. I do not use the term “dominate” because while it is etymologically correct and grammatically accurate, the connotation in “domination” is selfish abusive.

In taking dominion I am saying that I and other men are inherently kings. You are king of your home, co-kings of the world, and kings in your domains, which is whatever sphere of authority you possess.

If you are not taking dominion—if you’re a thief, or a cheat, or a liar, or you live on the productive work of others while not contributing you belong in one of two categories: a boy or a loser. Obviously, that is meant to be a generalization. Someone who cannot produce productive labor isn’t necessarily a boy or a loser (like a severely handicapped person who cannot work a regular job may live on the grace of someone else). But if you are fit of mind and body and waste your life not taking dominion, you are not a man. It’s the thought that counts. And all useful thoughts find a way to become reality.

So then why does HQ Atlanta need to exist?

My hope is to create a sanctuary for men in the Atlanta area, and eventually other places too. It’s supposed to be a bit of a man-cave, but more like a fortress.

I don’t actually like “man-caves.” The idea is usually one of retreat. We get to keep our masculinity, but hidden away where we pretend it’s a guilty pleasure. I don’t retreat. I conquer. I don’t need a man cave. We need a man-fortress. Advertised, out in the open, guarded, impenetrable—both a sanctuary for rest and a base for tactics.

It’s going to be a club—for men only, of course. You may come to do business or just eat in our restaurant; read and work in our library; smoke, drink and BS in our cigar bar; workout in our functional fitness center; plan conferences, watch movies, play games, learn new skills, or just plane old relax at our club: HQ Atlanta.

And we want to be affordable to a wide variety of men. Too many city clubs, or gentlemen’s clubs (classic ones, not ill-named strip clubs), cater to the super wealthy. I’m not condemning that; they are a business and they have their place. But HQ Atlanta is there to make every day men be encouraged in their masculinity in a culture that is increasingly unfriendly to that concept.

If a club like this would interest you, and if you appreciate this content please follow our twitter, facebook, and blog. Share all with your friends. Let us know you want this, and it will start to happen. Share you ideas. What do you want in a men’s club? We have ideas; you have ideas. Let’s make both better.

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