The Man Cave: A Shot in the Foot

I have recently been seeing this picture, or a close variation: Well, I didn’t make the picture, but I have to say, as I have in two previous posts (here and here), this is the essence of the attitude I want to cultivate at HQ Atlanta. Here is another post from 78 Magazine that also […]

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Meninism: get over yourself.

Most guys have not heard of “meninism.” You maybe have if you’re a part of the young Internet affluent. Meninism is, quite simply, the male version of feminism. Within that there are two branches, both of which are heavily active on Internet sounding boards, blogs, and everywhere else where it doesn’t matter (does that include […]

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A Primer on Whisky: A True Man’s Drink.

Now, I have contended that masculinity is neither improved nor impeded by the ability to drink the divine elixir: whisky. However, I will say whisky (otherwise known as Scotch) is a truly manly drink with a number of wonderful notes, flavors, and bouquets. So grab some. Whisky, as apart from Whiskey, comes from the Gaelic […]

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Leadership is a tough concept. There are dozens of theories on what constitutes good leadership. Even more practiced theories employed by managers and entrepreneurs ranging in success. Yet it is indispensible for men, so we have to figure it out. Women consistently want a man who leads in the relationship. Universal observation has said that […]

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The Myth of Feminism

(Oh, boy! Here come the comments). One of the worst plights on modern society is feminism. I know, feminism kept women from being slaves and blah, blah, blah. How could I oppose such a benefit to an enlightened modern age? Because it hurts both men and women, and most of its claims are untrue. I’m […]

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