Meninism: get over yourself.

Most guys have not heard of “meninism.” You maybe have if you’re a part of the young Internet affluent. Meninism is, quite simply, the male version of feminism. Within that there are two branches, both of which are heavily active on Internet sounding boards, blogs, and everywhere else where it doesn’t matter (does that include here?)

The first branch of meninism just hopes to point out the hypocrisy of feminism by restating feminist arguments but with the genders flipped. Feminism usually doesn’t sound quite so enlightened afterwards.

The second form of meninism I heartily despise. It takes its shape in the form of men’s rights movements. Well, as I made the case last time, there’s no real reason to deny the age old, universally observed concept that men are the stronger of the two sexes. I don’t argue that to say that women are somehow less worthwhile. In fact, quite the contrary, men go to war to save what they care about—women and children (so un-PC, I know). I know women now enter the military, but as I demonstrated last time, they shouldn’t, at least not in combat roles.

This more insidious form of meninism argues that because men make up 90% of job deaths, work more and longer hours, get longer prison sentences, are on the down side of divorces and have very few special services directed towards them that they are the new underclass. I say, quit whining, you pussy. Men don’t whine. Whining is for boys.

If men are the stronger sex and we all learned from basic comic book morality that “with great power comes great responsibility,” you better start living up to it. Yeah, fine, sometimes men get the shit end of the stick. You want to know why? Because everyone already knows men are the stronger sex and you don’t give free special treatment to the stronger. You give free special treatment to the weaker. It’s called grace. It used to be called chivalry.

Women should be treated less harshly in court; they are generally less violent anyway. They should be supported if you divorce them. I don’t expect women to thrive, or desire to work on an oilrig, or in a mine, or as a construction worker. I don’t expect women to be able to be firefighters, police, or soldiers better than men. I don’t expect women to be able to grit their teeth, chew shit, and make things happen. If they can, great, but I don’t expect it. I do expect it from men, and quite honestly, so do women. It’s what we do. We do it for our bosses, our wives, and our kids. We chew nails and crap out railroad rails. We’re men.

So all I can say of meninism is—grow up! Be a man and quit with this whiny “I’m oppressed because there aren’t men’s health clinics.” You can’t have it both ways. Men can’t both be the oppressed sex, and the sex that works harder, longer and better. The reason women have special services is because they need them. We don’t. If you bemoan men having a higher successful suicide rates then quit whining about how men don’t get free clinics and get out there and help someone in need.

Or as Sean Connery’s character said in that mediocre action flick “The Rock,” “losers always whine about their best. Winner’s go home and f*&k the prom queen.”

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