The Sitcom Dad

There is a plague on societal portrayal of men—the Sitcom Dad. Al Bundy, Peter Griffin, Tim Taylor, George Lopez, Hal from Malcolm in the Middle, Doug Heffernan, Ray Romano are all good examples. The same traits are shared by all sitcom dads: they are cowed, half-men, fools who are mercifully delivered from their stupidity by […]

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The very threat to masculinity summarized:

I have said that masculinity is under threat by society. I have also argued that masculinity is really a moral concept more than a physical one. But let us not forget that masculinity is a physical concept as well. After all, when we wake up every morning we are reminded of what makes us men. […]

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Beer: Need I Say More?

Found this guide and I thought I would share it. I don’t drink much beer myself, as I more of a Scotch guy, but I do appreciate beer. I generally like Browns and IPAs. Advertisements

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The Sports Team and the Man

I like sports. I tend to prefer contact sports. Football and wrestling are my favorites, but I like and play others as well. However, there is one illogical and ungentlemanly trap men fall into with sports—love of the team. Yes, your favorite team is the greatest team and deserves to win, even if they are […]

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