The very threat to masculinity summarized:

I have said that masculinity is under threat by society. I have also argued that masculinity is really a moral concept more than a physical one. But let us not forget that masculinity is a physical concept as well. After all, when we wake up every morning we are reminded of what makes us men.

Attacks on masculinity are constant in the field of academia. This article about an anti-masculine conference at Vanderbilt University that appears on the website, Thecollegefix, was summarized by this line,

“‘The three most destructive words’ are ‘be a man’”

It criticizes action-movie masculinity by saying that the idealization of fictional levels of masculinity portrayed in increasingly six-pack intensified movies is harmful to the male psyche. In a sense I agree, if your definition or masculinity is whether or not you are the most physically dominating male in the room. I don’t define it that way.

I posit that maleness is physical, and it comes with certain attributes both psychological and physical, which any non gender-studies student can plainly see. However, masculinity and manliness are inherently moral. Plenty of men in excess of six feet and 200 lbs have abs, beards, and ‘guns’, but don’t have the balls to raise their kids, or provide necessary emotional support to their wives or girlfriends. And there are plenty of historical examples of scrappy little underdogs winning huge moral victories that never broke 5’4” and 125 lbs soaking wet (See James Madison and William Wilberforce). Boys may be male, but men are men.

The Vanderbilt professor who put on this anti-men’s conference said, “I should have hung myself or jumped out a window from my involvement in athletics.”

Why, because you’re not a girl? Because you do what comes naturally to you? Speak for yourself bozo.
The only thing destroying the traditional concept of masculinity does to society is to deprive it of fathers, husbands, leaders, warriors, and the natural competitive drive men share. Those qualities push us to do better, and be better. Sure these male-feminist critics criticize a fictional, steroidally fueled version of masculinity that admittedly should not be your goal. But they do so to come to the conclusion, as the article in question does, that you should be more feminine. Men would be better off if they were just women. The world would be better off if men, or at least masculinity didn’t exist. Of course! So please, voluntarily emasculate yourself, you evil dirty man, and be ashamed and cowed of your innate desire to wrestle, play sports, compete, and win. You’re scaring the scaredy-cats.


This is why HQ Atlanta is so necessary to masculinity in America. It’s not so we can idolize fictional masculinity, but celebrate real masculinity, both physical and moral. Yes, we enjoy sports, and competition of all sorts, but especially strength. We also enjoy beer. But we’re not only cavemen in need of Lysol spray on our jockstraps. We’re thinkers par excellence, the leaders of our families, the strength that holds together a shaky and tempestuous world. Without us, the world would be a far worse place.


This sort of pedantic, thumb-sucking anti-masculinity makes me sick. So let’s change it one man at a time.

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