Who ya’ gonna call?

Finally, the proof is undeniable that the PC crowd cannot be pleased. I don’t say this to piss and moan about PC stupidity, but just that it must make such drastic departures from reality to fulfill the narrative it promotes. We gotta stand up to it.

The new all-female Ghostbusters trailer came out a few days ago. It looks awful. The jokes aren’t funny; it’s girls playing at physical humor, which they do not do in real life. To be funny, comedy points out the inherent stupidity of life. Perverse logic is key. The peculiarities of the sexes contribute much to this. It is ridiculous to have women beating the crap out of each other screaming, “the power of pain compels you!” The only way that’s funny is if the joke is how ridiculous that concept is—changing the gender roles. Tragedy plus time equals comedy, and girls try to avoid tragedy. Men seek it out, which is why women are damsels in distress and men are the heroes.

A funnier scenario involving female ghostbusters and demon possession, as shown in the Ghostbuster’s trailer, would have been if one of the Ghostbusters gets possessed, but in typical female fashion tries to passive-aggressively disguise this fact in vagueries and euphemisms while simultaneously puking pea soup. Bad Pumpkin Spice Latte, I guess. At least then women could laugh at how illogical their interactions are and men could identify with having to suffer through the situation. Just don’t seriously try to make women act like men. Men have enough of their own illogical, crazy interactions. That’s not comedy; it’s propaganda.

This new Ghostbusters movie exemplifies all the problems with PC culture. The number of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Medicine) is already low. That is not because of discrimination. It is just choices women voluntarily make. I don’t begrudge this trend; I’m just recognizing it. Women shouldn’t either.

Where are the skinny nerds with glasses? The neck-beards who spent high school as social outcasts and didn’t get laid till twenty-two? Where are the asian kids? Throw a couple of asian girls in there too. Where are the indian guy and girls who always bring in curry to the office? Let’s be honest here, not blind. Life is funny enough if you just let it be.

But we have to have women in “men’s jobs” in order to make things fair. That has been the narrative for four decades. It has nothing to do with the male brain being more apt to tackle abstract thought, and the female brain being better at communication. Oh, wait, it does. (Also women bear children in the exact same years they would be building their careers. Blame God, not the market).

So, again, the idea of three female physicists is so ridiculous it should be considered the “sexism.” What, did these women specifically avoid all the East and South Asian girls in these fields? Are they only friends with other white girls? No matter which way this is cut the proposition is just not reality.

Director Paul Feig could have made an all female Ghostbusters movie that was tailored to women and men and still been funny. However, it would have required recognizing that women aren’t going to handle this situation like men—gun-toting and rip-roaring. At least recognize that three white, female physicists are so rare that random happenings was not enough to bring them together. Even the original Ghostbusters were out-of-shape scientists who could barely climb stairs to get to the damsel in distress. These girls are kicking each other’s asses and playing Cowboys and Indians with ghosties. The fantasy of this movie isn’t the story—it’s the casting. The new Ghostbusters movie was made to please the PC crowd. It sacrificed reality, sanity, and comedy to do it. They still came up short. Good luck.

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