Where Have All the Men Gone?

In a recent article entitled, “Female Reporter Asks: ‘Is It Just Me, or Have Men Gotten Really Soft?’” Tomi Lahren of The Blaze complains that mainly millennial men have a concept of masculinity they are trying to emulate, but only because they don’t actually have it for themselves. “Chivalry is all but dead.”

Ding ding ding!

Yeah, unfortunately she’s right. The reason so many young men need to sport beards and flannel is because they don’t know that looking like a man is not being a man. It’s almost like the traditional garb has replaced the concept. The reason for this, unbeknownst to Lahren, is because we have rejected the concept of genders as transcendentally defined, meaning that we don’t define gender, but that it was defined first and we simply inherited the definition. Yes, this has religious connotations, namely that mankind does not define his own experience as all philosophies from existentialism onward have done. Lahren is wrong in some sense saying this doesn’t affect sexuality. How can it not?

Lahren goes on to ask if women are at fault for men being unmasculine. She quickly rejects it—and I do too. Men aren’t men because we stopped believing that masculinity was not only OK, but that it is good. The bitter irony is that women complained for years that they wanted a “sensitive” man who was in touch with his feminine side. When they got it they recoiled in horror and said, “no, thanks. I want a manly man.” In came the “No-shave November” to compensate.

If you want to be a man you need three things

  1. A penis. Kinda pivotal.
  2. A desire to conquer an out of control world and bring it into subjection. This will make you a “privileged, imperialist, patriarchal, chauvinist” in the eyes of many SJW feminists. Too bad for them. Don’t date those girls or any who subscribe to the concept.
  3. A willingness to stand up for what you believe and take a shot on the jaw for it. Call it “toughness.” Call it “sticktuitiveness.” Whatever it is, it is not a trait common among women. Shocker, I know.

And you know what? If you’re a man, women are going to notice. Women are drawn to this. If a woman can’t handle that—drop her. She’s too immature. You can’t just stitch on a pair of balls only when you need them. But you better be a mature man yourself, and capable of stepping outside yourself to hear her problems.

For the women who read this. Sorry, but you can’t have it both ways. The guy who acts tough when you need him to is the same guy who wants to go shoot guns on the weekend, or isn’t terribly interested in listening to your whiny girlfriend cry about how the assholes she dates don’t listen enough. A guy who is “sensitive” to your feelings isn’t going to act like a hero in a crisis; he’s going to ask you how you want him to handle it. Yes, sometimes that means he acts first, and you don’t like exactly how that was done. Mixed deal. You want a man? You gotta deal with masculine traits.


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