Why Does Rocky Keep Making Money?

Because his struggle is that of man. That’s why. His struggle is not a woman’s struggle. See the Lifetime Network for that.


A woman’s struggle is being helpless and dependent on the kindness of others. What if my boyfriend beats me? What if I am taken advantage of? What if someone uses a position of power to hurt me? I can’t say I am envious of the position. These are very real problems, but they speak to women, which is why the Lifetime Network has a million movies about those topics. And guess what? They keep profiting.


Rocky’s struggle, and now Creed’s struggle, is being useless in an unforgiving world that does not give a shit about us. No one cared about Rocky before he got a bout with the champ. Even when he had a bout with the champ only one or two people cared about him. No one else cared about him until he went toe-to-toe with the champ and “went the distance.” Even when Rocky was champ no one cared about him unless he was rising back to the top.


That’s a man’s struggle. No one gives a shit about you.

Off to war? Your family cares. Maybe.

Can’t find a job? Too bad.

Depressed? Pull yourself up by your bootstraps, pussy!

I really do have some interesting skills and am an interesting person, so can I have your number please? Screw off, loser!


As a young man, no one gives a shit about you. It is our terrible lot in life and we have to constantly kill ourselves, work ourselves, and be at the top for anyone to care about us, and the second we are not, we are completely disposable. I can’t say I envy that position either.

These are both legitimate struggles, but simply very different.


So why does Rocky keep making money? Because men identify with this problem. Their boss doesn’t give a shit that they feel like crap. Put up or shut up. And through all of this, we find a lot of daily meaning in overcoming the fact that no one cares about us. We relish when we finally get on top and can throw our hands up in victory, or when facing the greater opponent, we get up anyway and take yet another shot on the jaw.


Hats off to you guys. Keep conquering.

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