HQ Atlanta (@hqatlanta; facebook.com/hqatl; HQATL.com) is here to serve the men of the Atlanta area by encouraging them to be men. Sound weird? Well, masculinity is under attack in America. It is no longer acceptable to enjoy sports, speak plainly, or espouse traditional male virtues. To do so makes you an insensitive, knuckle-dragging, caveman.

I’m going to break that idea the only way men can—conquering the day.

I want to create a warm, welcoming environment, and eventually a club, for men to have honest intellectual conversation, a good beer, get some work done, get away from the kids, get a workout, or a meal. Above all, you gotta be a man to get in. None of this sissy crap.

HQ Atlanta is not here to denigrate women, or their value. It is not here to cater to base desires. We are here to celebrate and encourage intellectually astute masculinity and foster an environment where you can relax, recuperate, and go back out into the battle that is life.

Now swill that scotch and come join us.

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