Sorry for the delay

I apologize to readers that I have not been more active in these last six weeks. My father passed away and I have been dealing with the fallout of this. I hope soon to discuss how men can deal with loss and grief. I can tell you taking it stoically is not the way to […]

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A Surprisingly Manly Chicken Joint

Chicken Salad Chick. OK, I admit I lied. Chicken Salad Chick is decidedly unmasculine. But I appreciate that. They are honest about it. They admit they cater to, well, chicks. Their bathrooms are named “Chicks” and “Chick Magnets.” I love it. They are not catering to androgynous, metrosexual pussies. They are recognizing gender dichotomies. They […]

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The Heroism of Fatherhood.

Fatherhood is tough. Add in being a husband too and it’s damn near impossible. Only a man can handle an adventure that big. Fighting dragons is easy when you only have to worry about yourself. My daughter’s favorite movie right now is Finding Nemo. Soon she’ll watch other movies of fatherly heroes like Hook and […]

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Incrediboy’s Puberty

It might sound strange on a site for men to promote what I am about to promote, but I would like to posit to you the best series of movies with manly, heroic,  dominion taking men are the Pixar movies. What?! Crazy, you say. Yes. I understand, but hear me out. I’m not saying other […]

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Hi Gents

Sorry I’ve been away for almost 5 weeks. I’ve had some family problems I’ve had to deal with. But I’m coming out with two posts now. Comment and share. Let me know if there is anything you want to hear about.

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Single Fathers?

I believe the best family is the nuclear family. I understand that tragedies happen: a parent dies, one of the parents is unfit, even nuclear families can be dysfunctional. Yet, statistics bear that despite the cultural attack on the nuclear family it is clearly the superior family. I believe that while a mother is very […]

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